Apex Competition's 996 Carrera 2 Project Car

So what's this all about? It's about the impressive Porsche GT3 Cup cars that we can't drive everyday... so why not take an affordable 996 C2 and modify it to arrive at a semi-comfortable yet formidable weekend club sport toy... One that can still be driven to and from the circuit and even everyday!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Aerokit rear wing finally installed.

OK so we've had this GT3 like, mk1 Aerokit rear wing sitting around for months and finally have found some time to paint it and get it installed.

This is an OE factory Aerokit wing found, like the other items, on ebay. It's made in a small town in France right on the German border by a company called Turnwald.... but I digress :)
The wing arrived already primed and since we were very happy with the PPG products used earlier to paint the other components knocking this out in a weekend was going to be no problem. The same paint, bonding agent and clear coat was used. Thw wing was disassembled to allow painting all edges. Also we decided to paint the underside semi-gloss black. This was done for a few reasons. One it made setting it down to paint easier, Two, it should reflect less heat back into the engine compartment and finally because we had seen factory Carrera Cup cars in Germany with the inside painted black.
The wing was then re-assembled by reattaching the plates, pins and hinges that allow the wing to be adjusted to different angles of attack. (Another reason to get a true factory wing)

Finally the wiring harness, engine bay fan and weather stripping were swapped over from the original Carerra rear decklid. Note: We were told the C2 harness would work as is. This is not actually correct. The C2 wiring harness can be used but it needs to be cut and this destoys the ability to simply reinstall the C2 decklid if you want to retrofit it easily. We would suggest you source the proper Aerokit decklid harness from a dealer.
And there you have it. The complete mk1 GT3 look... finally.