Apex Competition's 996 Carrera 2 Project Car

So what's this all about? It's about the impressive Porsche GT3 Cup cars that we can't drive everyday... so why not take an affordable 996 C2 and modify it to arrive at a semi-comfortable yet formidable weekend club sport toy... One that can still be driven to and from the circuit and even everyday!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Black boot & bonnet release

OK this is hardly a performance mod but I was getting tired of looking at the worn out paint on my OE hood and engine decklid release levers. So when I stumbled across yet another cheap find on EBay I snatched it up.

It is a black on black set of release levers and the housing. Not sure what car this came from but it was shipped from Germany and appears to be NOS (new old stock but never installed)

One of my goals with this car is to eliminate ever bit of the original "Graphite Gray" interior trim and replace it with solid black. I just cannot stand the Graphite Gray. It looks cheap. One of my biggest complaints about the 996 series is it's poor interior finish. There is too much cheap plastic that doesnt wear well over time. Compared with early 21st century interiors from Audi, BMW and even VW, Porsche was way behind. So this helps with my conversion to an all black interior. Just a plain no frills black interior is the way to go in my book.